500pcs Silver Silk Rose Petals - Lesbian Wedding Planning

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Manufacturer Description

These silk rose petals are ideal for sprinkling on banquet, buffet, cake, and / or guest book tables. Decorate frames, invitations, baskets, boxes, bags, and ring pillows. Also these silk rose petals are great for sprinkling down church aisles and they make a wonderful accent to any romantic setting. Since these silk rose petals can be reused over and over again, be sure to collect them up after your event and use at your next celebration. These silk rose petals are unscented and so won't affect those with allergies and they will never wilt in warm temperatures.

Product Features

1.New and high quality
2.500pcs Silver Silk Rose Petals Wedding Flower Ornament
3.Tossing, scattering them on show windows
4.Placing in vases for decorations
5.Decorating greeting cards, sewn onto hats, jewellery, fairy lights
6.Also great for showers and parties
7.Perfect for dining tables, confetti, church pews, etc.

1.Material: Silk 
2.Size: 2.36" x 2.17"
3.Color: silver

Package included:
500 x Silver Silk Rose Petals