About Our Site

As a gay couple, we've enjoyed watching gay and lesbian marriages finally become legal in many states. We continue to wait for ALL states to legalize it! In the interim, we decided to open up a "gay wedding gifts, supplies, and planning store" for gays and lesbians getting married, having a bridal shower, bachelor party, and a gift section for wedding guests. We felt this need was not being met, so we decided to try and meet this fast-growing need. With limited resources, we hope that companies out there are producing more products for gay and lesbian weddings, since none of them seem to have jumped on this billion dollar industry bandwagon. We hope that our site is a help to you and please let us know if we can help you in any way!

All purchases are backed by, so you know your transaction is safe! As an affiliate of Amazon, we earn a commission from sales.

Thank you very much for visiting our site for that special day!

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