Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months

Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months
Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months (click images to enlarge)

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Description of Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months

We are elated to bring to you the excellent Fresh Roasted Coffee for 9 Months.

Lesbian & Gay Wedding Gifts thanks you for your support! We hope that we're able to offer you a joyous gift-giving shopping experience and we wish the very best to the gay or lesbian couple getting married!

Manufacturer Description

This is an awesome gift for anyone who appreciates good coffee. They will be thanking you each month that they receive our selection specialty, Fair Trade coffees. Below is an example of each month's shipment, they are subject to supply as we only buy in small lots by season.

Month 1: Guatemalan Huehuetenango

Month 2: Shade Grown Breakfast Blend

Month 3: Mexican Altura Chiapis

Month 4: Black & Tan Blend

Month 5: Peru Norte

Month 6: Latin American Blend

Month 7: Ethiopian Yirgecheffe

Month 8: Fair Trade Espresso Blend

Month 9: Decaf Peru Norte

Product Features

We only roast-to-order, never storing roasted coffee. Bags come stamped with the date the beans were roasted. These coffee selections are Fair Trade, shade grown, and organically processed. Each type of coffee is roasted in small batches to acheive the roasting level that is perfect for each type of coffee. You may personalize a gift message to be included in the first shipment. Prices are not shown on the packing slips. Purchaser will receive email notifications of each month's shipment.