Gay & Lesbian Wedding Rings?

A recent Huffington Post article explored the world of engagement and wedding rings and same sex couples. Men and women are looking for the perfect ring to present at a proposal as well as wedding bands. The HuffPost Weddings quoted Kathryn Hamm, president of and Joseph Alexander, founder of same-sex wedding planning firm Gay Ever After who both emphasized the fact that the typical traditions of weddings don’t necessarily apply to same sex couples and since there are no precedents for them to follow, gays and lesbians are more open to something unique when it comes to the rings.

A friend of mine in NYC posted a quick poll over the weekend and the response was overwhelmingly in favor of rings to symbolize engagements and weddings. According to David, “It seems that both lesbians and gay men surprisingly DO go for tradition; gay men not as often as women because some feel slighted by the inability to get married for so long. Therefore they tend to stray from tradition as they don't want to mimic something that was so unaccepting for so long. Yes to engagement rings AND matching wedding bands for both.”

So where to go for an engagement or wedding ring? Of course, any jeweler will help design rings that have special meaning to the couple, but we've found many gays and lesbians who think the mark-up of jewelers are just too much. Better prices are found online, such as these gay male wedding rings and these lesbian engagement and wedding rings that you can always go and have engraved if you'd like that. This method is found to save quite a lot of money.

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