Yo! Louisiana Gays & Lesbians!

“Louisiana will not recognize same-sex marriages for the purposes of state tax filing purposes. This is not surprising news in that Louisiana has a constitutional ban on same-sex marriage.”

Read More Here:  http://lezgetreal.com/2013/09/sex-couples-file-joint-tax-returns-louisiana/

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Is It “Gay” Marriage?

Clever pic about gay marriage.


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Groovy Logo

Someone was nice enough to make this variation to our gay and lesbian wedding logo!


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Ginsburg: Gay marriage shows Constitution’s genius

“PHILADELPHIA (AP) – Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who recently officiated at a friend’s same-sex wedding, told a Philadelphia audience Friday that growing acceptance of gay marriage reflects the “genius” of the U.S. Constitution.”

Read More Here:

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Kevin Swanson, Pastor: Gay Couples Should Be Told To Die On Their Wedding Day

“Pastor and right-wing radio host Kevin Swanson has some choice words surrounding the closing of an Oregon bakery that rejected a lesbian couple’s wedding cake job, and is offering advice for all Christians considering attending same-sex nuptials: hold up a sign informing the happy couple that they are an abomination and ‘should be put to death.”


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Our Adorable Commercial Ad!

We hope you like our new commercial ad for our gay and lesbian wedding store!



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Sweet Cakes By Melissa Closes After Refusing Lesbian Brides-To-Be

“The Oregon bakery has been at the center of controversy since it became clear that they had discriminated against a lesbian couple by refusing to bake the couple a wedding cake.”

More Here: http://lezgetreal.com/2013/09/sweet-cakes-melissa-closes-refusing-lesbian-brides/

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Landmark gay marriage hearing approaches in Pennsylvania

“HARRISBURG, Pa.—For two months, an elected court clerk in the Philadelphia suburbs has been giving something to same-sex couples they have not been able to get anywhere else: a Pennsylvania marriage license.

Now a court has to decide whether the clerk has singlehandedly added Pennsylvania to the growing list of states that formally sanction same-sex marriages or whether he has been acting illegally and must be stopped.”


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Parents Of Gay Children: How To Be Supportive Despite These Common Fears

5 Common Fears Parents Of LGBT Individuals Face:


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PA Department of Health: Gays Are Just Like Children And Shouldn’t Marry

“Montgomery County, Pennsylvania continues to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples — over 150 so far — but the state Department of Health is now arguing that it’s no different than giving marriage licenses to children. The Department is suing to stop the marriages, and its latest brief suggests that gay and lesbian couples are disqualified from marrying just like 12-year-olds, as reported by Philly.com”.


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Demand for gay marriage licenses is steady in Rhode Island

“The demand for marriage licenses for gay and lesbian couples in Rhode Island continues one month after the state’s new marriage law took effect.

Clerks in Warwick, Cranston, Pawtucket and other cities told The Associated Press on Friday that they’ve issued dozens of licenses since Aug. 1, the first day same-sex couples could wed in Rhode Island.”


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IRS issues tax rules for married gay couples

“The government on Thursday said that all legally married gay couples will be able to file joint federal tax returns even if they reside in states that do not recognize same-sex marriages.”


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Married Same-Sex Couples Get Tax, Medicare Equality

“The US Treasury Department and Health and Human Services have both announced that they will be extending benefits to same-sex couples thanks to the declaration that the Defense of Marriage Act, Section 3 is unconstitutional.

The Family Equality Council praised the announcement out of the US Treasury Department that they will consider married same-sex couples as married for the purposes of federal tax collection.” ….more at:


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