Young Boy’s Thoughts On Gay Marriage

Young boy’s views on gay marriage.

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The Discrimination Our Gift Store Faces

I have to vent a little.

Our lesbian and gay wedding gifts, supplies, and planning store has been facing a lot of homophobia and discrimination by mainstream companies.  I don’t say that as if I’m surprised, but rather as how defeating it has become to launch a business in a somewhat untapped market only to be ignored because our business is for gays and lesbians.

I have owned and operated a multi-million dollar corporation in another sector for over 16 years now, so I have the understanding and resolve about how things work in the business world.  My first sale was $39.95 on my first day and then I grew exponentially, but not without my share of door-slamming and the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears.  Yet, I endured, learned, and succeeded.

That said, I’ve never encountered such hate, bigotry, and door-slamming as I have with launching this venture.  I’m keeping extensive documentation of every encounter and I will, one day soon, show everyone the good and evil of the corporate world with regards to doing business with gays and lesbians.  I will probably launch a boycott of said companies, as well as offer high praise for the companies who opened their minds and hearts to our endeavor.  I have the money and the motive to file lawsuits and have absolutely no problem being interviewed by CNN, et al.  My point being that I will fight the fight we keep having to fight. 🙂

Now…back to your regularly scheduled blog posts.

“I vent, therefore I am.” — Allen McNulty

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