Gay Wedding Haters

Traditional weddings have always involved a man and a woman. It has always been this way. The very idea of a couple of the same sex getting married was unheard of. Even to this day, you can get your head chopped off in Saudi Arabia if you even show signs of being gay in public. Fortunately, in America things are a lot more relaxed when it comes to gay and lesbian relationships. In fact, we are just finally starting to see western civilization embracing the idea of same sex weddings. It certainly has not been an easy road to get there, but more states in America are legalizing gay and lesbian marriages in their jurisdictions. At the time this was written, the United States currently has/had 14 states that have legalized gay marriage and it seems that more states are already in the works to pass legislation for legalizing it there as well.

Most of the arguments against gay and lesbian weddings have to do with religion. Have you ever heard people say, "The bible mentions Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve." Well, for those that take the bible literally this may seem like an important saying. For others that believe in logic and human compassion, this saying doesn't have any relevance. Nobody can make a true logical argument as to why gay or lesbian weddings should not take place. And because of this, more states are starting to pass their legislation quickly to legalize gay marriage.

A common stereotype about gay people is that they are flamboyant in everything that they do. At a gay wedding, you might think that everyone is dressed in bright colors and dancing to the "Macho Man" song. What the public has to realize is that most gay people don't act like the opposite sex. Gay men don't always act feminine and lesbians don't always have short hair like a man. People are who they are and in America, we should allow people to be who they want to be as long as they are not hurting anybody else. This is what gay and lesbian weddings truly symbolize to society. They represent freedom and a chance for people to express who they are without getting in trouble for it. Unfortunately, there will always be people that put down gay marriage. It is impossible to avoid haters because they will always come no matter what you believe in. You just have to keep fighting and keep pushing for what you want. If it is truly the right thing, then you will have more people supporting you than opposing you.

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