Pure Cashmere Scarf - Black

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Manufacturer Description

You have never been more handsome, or beautiful (as the case may be), than when fitted out in our great Black-Black Pure Cashmere Scarf. Real Luxury! Your skin will warm instantly. Cashmere's feel is so soft and light-weight, yet yields a super warm scarf for either man or woman. This O-my-cashmere© true Cashmere beats wool and man made fibers (as acrylics, nylon, rayon, etc.) all hollow. Reasons are: 1. no little barbs on the fibers as with wool 2. HOLLOW fiber is unique and like double-insulation. You have a fiber and fabric made from the unique animal found in very few places on earth. Our Black scarf is made from pure Cashmere, unique in nature, with hollow fibers from these State-protected animals of Northwestern Mongolia. The hollow fiber is what makes the product so light, and brings with it a remarkable natural insulating character - both impossible for acrylics and other fibers to match. Now you know the secret, capitalized on, and employed by skilled operators using specialized German made high quality machines. Our products are crafted by a well known manufacture in Inner-Mongolia bringing you our own proprietary designs on some of our products. We select only the best materials for our high quality cashmere products, "Always warming up to people's needs and desires." Our motto!

Product Features

Pure Cashmere Scarf - Our Most Popular Scarf - Limited quantities 100% Cashmere Product of Inner Mongolia - Handsome Solid Black - Hand washable 10in x 71in plus 2x 3in fringe (Cashmere weight is equivalent to previous version) See "omygoodies" in Amazon.com for more selections and Awards!